Scór 2019
In 2019 our Ballad Group of Bláthnáid Daly, Aoibhínn Dolan, Orla Fox, Cliodhna Daly and Zara Geraghty won the Westmeath County Final and qualified to represent Club and County in The Lenster Final. The Leinster Final took place in the magnificent Wexford Opera House on March 10th. Unfortunately this was the end of the journey for the five girls when they didn't get the nod from the Judge. They gave a faultless performance nonetheless, as you can see and hear on the video, and we are all very proud of them.

Scór Sinsir Leinster Final 2019

Some photos of the group from County and Leinster Finals
Before and after in the County Final. Orla Fox had to leave before the results were announced and is missing from the presentation photo.

Before Going on stage in Wexford in the Leinster final.

The rest of our competitors in the 2019 County Final.
 Bláthnáid Daly Solo-singing Seán Daly Recitation
Gráinne Healy, Seamus McDermott, Lorraine Ledwith, Catherine Daly, Helen Coyle, Seán Daly, Seamus Coyle,  Piaras Walsh
 Set Dancers
Sinéad Fitzpatrick, Aoife Kelly, Elaine O'Doherty,, Anne Flanagan, Jacqui Craig, Caitlin Devine, Alisha Fitzpatrick and Catherine Daly.


Zara Geraghty, Cliodhna Daly, Orla Fox, Aoibhínn Dolan, Bláthnáid Daly.
2019 Ballad Group County Champions and Leinster Finalists.

Catherine Daly

2018 Scór Sinsir Recitation
County Champion & Leinster Finalist

Seamus McDermott, Piaras Walsh, Seamus Coyle, Gráinne Healy, Elaine Caffrey, Helen Coyle, Dermot McKenna & Seán Daly.

2018 Scór Sinsir Stage Presentation
County Champions & Leinster Finalists

2018 Scór na nÓg Ballad Group
County Champions & Leinster Finalists

2017 Scór na nÓg Quiz Team
County Champions & All-Ireland Silver Medal Winners.

2016 Scór na nÓg Set Dancing.
County Champions and Leinster Finalists.

2013 Scór na nÓg Recitation.
County Champion.  Leinster Champion. All-Ireland Finalist.

Andrew Leahy, Killian Daly & Peter McKenna

2012 Scór na nÓg Quiz Team
  1. 2012 County Champions, Leinster Champions & All-Ireland Champions.
  2. 2011 County Champions and Leinster Finalists.
  3. 2009 County Champions.

Hillary Gaffney, John Coyle & Cían Farrelly.

2009 Scór na nÓg Instrumental Music.
County Champions & Leinster Finalists.

Siobhán Murphy, Gráinne Healy, Catherine Daly, Mícheál Fagan & Doreen Farrelly.

2009 Scór Sinsir Ballad Group.
  1. 2009 County Champions & Leinster Finalists.
  2. 2010 County Champions & Leinster Finalists.

Sarah Fagan

2010 Scór na nÓg Solo Singing.
  1. 2010 County Champion.
  2. 2011 County Champion & Leinster Finalist.

Seamus McDermott, Gráinne Healy, Anna Marie McKenna, Catherine Daly, Neville Jessop, Neil Salmon & Dermot McKenna.

2008 Scór Sinsir Novelty Act.
County Champions & Leinster Finalists.